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J D Landscaping is your professional and reliable partner when it comes to residential trees and shrub trimming. We don’t just get the job done; we do so in a professional way. Having the trees and shrubs around your home trimmed is one thing; having them trimmed correctly and healthily is another. As a homeowner, it’s very important that you hire the services of a professional landscaping company that won’t tear off the branches and leave them ‘bleeding’, all in the name of pruning and trimming. Most trees will shed their leaves during autumn, which exposes branches that were previously hidden from view. At J D Landscaping, we consider this to be the most appropriate time to come over to your home, to inspect and assess what needs to be trimmed or cut off.

Tree branches can be cut off if they are dead or infected with a disease. Branches that are growing in inwards or towards the roof and power lines are also ideal candidates for pruning. Mind you, beautiful as a tree canopy may appear when growing and extending over your roof, dead leaves that fall off damage roofs, which may lead to leakages. Our shrub and tree maintenance professionals are well acquainted with this very fact. Equipped with the right pruning tools, they are able to prune limbs that need to be pruned without ripping off their bark or leaving unsightly marks on the branches.

It’s worth clarifying, though, that not all pruning and trimming is as a result of overgrown branches or shrubs that need to be tidied up. Like any professional landscaper will tell you, there are times that it’s necessary to trim and prune trees so as to initiate and enhance flowering. This is to say that although most flowering trees will naturally blossom in spring, those that have been trimmed and pruned in winter tend to flower more vigorously! This is why we advise most of our clients on the need to consider winter pruning; winter pruning of your residential trees and shrubs acts as a catapult that propels your plants to new levels when sweet spring comes calling. Some tree species like walnuts, birches, and maple are perfect examples of trees that can be pruned in winter in readiness for a vigorous flowering in spring. If you trim your trees at the wrong time of the year, you risk not just interfering with their natural growth cycle, but also leaving your exterior with unsightly, bare canopies that are hard to conceal.

One of the founding and guiding principles at J D Landscaping is the realization that tree and shrub care services are not a onetime thing; it is a long, continuous journey. Great lawns, gardens, hedges, and trees take time to look perfect; which is why each time you hire us, we endeavor to walk with you each step of the way. Timing is everything, and each tree has to be manicured, over time, to fit into the desired pattern. Our professional landscapers will offer free professional and consultation advice if they feel that it can help transform your home’s exterior.

Once our professionals are done with the residential tree trimming services, they’ll always ensure that they clear away all the debris and pruned branches. What’s the best way to dispose of such branches, you’d ask? Burn them? Stuff them under and inside the shrubs or bush? Nay! J D Landscaping professionals will use the same branches we’ve pruned to make fertilizers that you can use on other plants! Still, the branches and trimmed shrubs can be trimmed into small pieces, and then used for mulching; you can use them on your kitchen garden to minimize water loss via the direct sun. This means that all our services and disposal methods are green and very friendly to the environment. When looking to hire a residential tree and shrub maintenance company, these are some of the factors you should be considering. If a company doesn’t have a viable option of disposing of the debris and waste generated in pruning, then that should be a red alert.

J D Landscaping has been offering professional residential tree and shrub maintenance services for over 10 years; we are the real pros and you can never go wrong with us. We are affordable, reliable, and are always equal to the task. Get in touch today for a free, unbiased estimate.


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