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Bark Mulching Service

A perfectly designed landscape has the potential to increase the value of your home by between 7% and 14%. Mulch is a crucial ingredient in the world of landscaping and its benefits are immense. A landscape without mulch is like, well, a pretty lady with perfect makeup, but no lipstick or lip-gloss! A keen observer will always notice something is amiss. At J D Landscaping, we pride ourselves on offering affordable and effective bark mulch solutions, for all your gardening needs. We are a professional landscaping company with over 10 years of solid experience; you can never go wrong with our mulch delivery and installation services.

What are the benefits of bark mulch over other types of mulch?

Most homeowners and landscapers, in general, prefer bark mulch for two main reasons; it’s an organic material, and it’s also very affordable. Bark mulch cost is so affordable when you compare it to other forms of mulch. Some years back, people living close to sawmills could get bark mulch at no cost as most millers viewed it a waste product. For as long a J D Landscaping has been operating, we have always given our clients a chance to choose between red mulch and black mulch. Red mulch is more popular, thanks to its superior aesthetic value and the fact that it releases nutrients into the soil more slowly, and for a longer period of time. Red mulch landscaping is ideal for someone looking for a lively and vivid atmosphere for their exterior. In spring when the garden is flourishing and blossoming, red mulch helps retain water and nutrients better than any other type of mulch.

Black mulch landscaping is unique in that it helps create an atmosphere of serenity, calm, and authority in your home’s exterior. In summer when families love to spend much time outdoors, nothing helps outline your garden and the plants therein than black mulch. Restaurant and bar owners with outdoor tables and tents for their customers could also do with black mulch to cover plants next to pavements and pathways. Our black mulch delivery and installation services are inclusive of free professional tips and advice, on how to bring out the best out of your outdoor space.

What are the advantages of hiring J D Landscaping for all your bark mulch needs?

Our bark mulch services are hinged on two main tenets; aesthetics, and functionality. True, we want your garden to appear attractive and neat; but we also strive to see to it that your plants benefit from the mulch by thriving and blossoming more! Bark mulch helps the soil retain water, suppresses weed, and also enriches the soil with nutrients. Our professional landscapers will balance between applying just the right depth of mulch to allow for the plant’s breathing room. Once we have tested your garden soil for its pH, we are able to advise you on the right kind of bark mulch to use; some mulch types are acidic and can damage your plants.

Often, bark mulch cost will be determined by the amount you need for your garden. Rather than buying it in small bags, it is always advisable to buy your bark mulch in bulk. This way, you get to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale, and also have enough mulch to work with. Good, high-quality cubic yard of bark mulch will cost you between $15 and $ 65. If the landscaping company is delivering the mulch to your garden and installing it, you can expect the cost to go higher. At J D Landscaping, we are offering discounted rates for new clients. If you contact us between today and the end of the year, we are charging just for the bark mulch and transport costs, we’ll do the installation absolutely free! Talk to us today; our customer care team is always on standby 24/7.


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